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Archerson Acarkent provides quite work experience to companies and freelancers in motivated work environments.

Your office is ready in nature

It is priceless to work in a space with plenty of greenery in the midst of the city!

According to a recent study, sunlight and natural elements in the workplace may improve workers’ moods and job satisfaction. Archerson Acarkent offers a peace and quiet working experience to companies and freelancers who want to work in calm, spacious and motivating working environments in Beykoz, which is located in nature. Acarkent is located in the best preserved green area of ​​Istanbul, integrated with a 35.000m2 open area including amphitheater, walking paths, quiet and isolated A+ working areas and it is 20 minutes away from the city centre. Keep your motivation high by working in offices with fireplaces, independent terrace areas and with bird sounds in nature.

Private Office

Private offices are workspaces designed with modern and comfortable furniture. With a private office membership, you will have the secretariat service where you can carry out your business professionally, and a prestigious and centrally located business address without charging any additional costs.



As Archerson, we aim to create synergy among coworkers who work in different departments by working together in independent working areas and cowork spaces. You can work in co-working areas without investment costs. You can move your company, host your guests and you can benefit from secretarial services as well. Your calls can be transferred to your mobile phones or answered with your company name or as instructed by you. Additionally, you can host your customers in high-tech meeting and seminar rooms. As Archerson, we offer monthly or annual office rentals of any duration.


Virtual Office

The concept of ‘home office’ makes life easier but we are still incapable of managing our business affairs. For example, in order to use a house as a home office in Turkey, the residence must be converted into a workplace. Similar legal obligations turn advantages of the concept of home office into disadvantage. But the situation is different for virtual offices. You can still work at home, but you don’t have to turn your home into a workplace. Moreover, you are renting as if you were renting a workplace, with less cost. Office locations are located in the central and prestigious districts of the cities. Thus, the legal address you have, creates a positive image in terms of meetings and communication with your customers. You 


Meeting Room

Archerson meeting facilities provide everything you need to host a professional, client meeting. With a dedicated receptionist, you can use our meeting rooms according to your choice of locations in key business districts in İstanbul. Meeting facilities are available for all your meeting and conferencing requirements. 

Whether you’re holding informal business meet and greets, high-end corporate negotiations, client meetings or interviews, or require a conferencing space for larger presentations, we meet your demands with our different size of meeting rooms with advanced technology infrastructure. You can connect to the fast and unlimited internet via wifi or direct data entry, transfer your computer to projection or high-quality televisions, and benefit from opportunities such as apple tv, multiple conferences. You can scribble on flip charts and whiteboards

All our meeting facilities include everything you need to ensure a successful and complete professional experience for both you and your clients.

toplantı odası


We are well aware of the effect of work break on our concentration and productivity while working. According to research, taking regular breaks refreshes our minds and helps us to feel motivated and to work cheerily. Getting away from the stress and city noise, you can grab your coffee and rest your mind in Archerson Acarkent’s terrace surrounded by nature or if you are one of those who say “not without being socialized!’’, you can spend pleasant moments with your friends!



Be ready to level up as an Archerson member!

  • Prestigious business address
  • Wide network
  • High speed internet
  • Cargo pickup - Secretariat
  • Cleaning service
  • Treats
  • 7/24 Security
  • Terrace Pleasure
  • Lockers

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