Our group exhibition, which we created with the theme of "Being a Part of Change", brings together art and the business world in the chaos of modern life, while underlining the change in exhibiting works, it is a project that examines change through the environment. Since it is not possible not to mention the effect of the environment on people while talking about the change in the environment, we are sure that this theme, which includes "human" in general, will show the feature of being an exhibition where everyone will find something from themselves or add something to themselves. The most important element that makes this exhibition special is that it has been created in a hurry to contribute to the society and the environment while embodying the aesthetic concern brought by art. Each artist participating in the project will donate some of the income from their works to ÇEDBİK on the basis of their own voluntariness, and our association will use the income obtained for an environment-oriented project and strive to make the world a better place. We hope that our project, which has the vision of contributing to the arts, the environment and people, inspires people who are part of the change they want to see, revitalizes hope in life and ensures its continuity. Stay with art, green and love. Artists: Mehmet Babat, Baysan Yüksel, Nursun Hafızoğlu, Ekber Sursal, Kemal Kara, Sevil Kuranel, Hazal Özdemir, Nazlı Kocaçınar, Cem Demirel, Fulya Okbay, Faruk Özcan, Linanil, Işıl Acar, Mustafa Turhan Project Manager and Curator: Gamze Aliustaoğlu