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Co-Working Spaces As An Innovation

Innovation is the application of new and creative ideas by adapting them to economic fields. In other words, it is the process of creative solutions to visible problems or needs.

Co-working spaces and shared offices are a model that allows individuals from different sectors to work together. Contrary to traditional business models, in this model, where the flexible working principle is common, co-working spaces can also have equipment specific to their fields or specific sectors they want to serve. Examples include sewing machines, 3D printers, fax or mixing desks. Free Wi-Fi access is the most important because the need for connection and communication is an indispensable element of today’s business world. Apart from this, there are areas such as kitchen supplies, hot treats, snack preparation areas, resting areas, reading corners, which are necessary in the co-working areas. Fully-equipped meeting rooms for business presentations, seminar areas, receptionists and staff support you may need to facilitate your work are also one of the opportunities provided to you in co-working areas.

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Since there are different people from many different sectors in the co-working spaces, you are constantly learning new things even if you are not aware of it, and your network becomes much wider than you might expect. That is, the physical configuration of coworking spaces and other shared workspaces encourage the development of “coexisting interaction” and foster the development of social relationships. The urban entrepreneurial style that emerges in this social environment, collaboration and the creativity of those you work with for change is the key to nurturing professional success.

If we need to examine co-working spaces as an innovation, we can see that the points where co-working spaces differ from traditional offices are actually improvements and developments. For example, when we compare the costs of co-working spaces and traditional offices, it can be seen that co-working spaces are more convenient, with many additional benefits.

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Another improvement is that while there are no arrangements and areas for individuals working in traditional offices to be more productive, private areas for individuals to relax in common work areas, quiet rooms, fitness equipment, you can work with the people you work with or work with. There are areas where you can socialize with the people you share the space with. All these extra areas are areas that increase the work efficiency of individuals and make them love their work, according to the researches. Individuals who use co-working areas are not areas where they wake up early in the morning and are filled with only tables and chairs, where they have to work constantly and in fact they cannot complete any work with minimum efficiency, but areas that maximize the efficiency of people while working and help individuals balance their professional life with their social life.

Another example we will give when we consider common sharing areas as innovation is network. A network is a connection of people that you can benefit from professionally and that will often provide you with an advantage or convenience in your business life. You can realize unexpected business projects with unexpected people, find staff, make or receive offers, meet the service you need for your business, grow your business and be constantly inspired. It is very difficult to join a network in traditional offices because you do not know where to start first. If you are a consultant and work with other consultants in a traditional office, or if you have an independent office and want to have a website built to improve your business, doing business with a software developer will require you to do a ton of research and spend a lot of time getting up-to-date information on the subject. But in co-working spaces, the person sitting at your next desk will likely be the software developer, or the person working two desks ahead. This saves you the trouble and you can follow up the work yourself. Moreover, you do not have to waste your time or energy, so you can just focus on your work.


Thanks to examples like these, it can be seen that co-working spaces are created by developing and improving traditional offices and adapting them to modern and technological life. This shows that co-working spaces are an innovation. With the ever-changing and developing technology, we need to keep up with innovations in order to stay up-to-date and even hold on in business life. You can visit our website to improve your business, increase your productivity and stay up to date.