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Virtual Office Privilege In Istanbul

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If you do not need a physical space to run your business, virtual offices are the perfect option for you. Virtual offices, which provide you with the legal address requested to establish a company, also provide many advantages. Especially having a virtual office in Istanbul will give you and your business many privileges.

First of all, if we need to explain virtual offices in more detail; virtual offices are a service that co-working spaces provide to you. You can obtain the legal address you need to submit to the Tax Office in order to open a company, by getting virtual office service. Apart from that, it allows you to reduce your costs. If we were to explain this with an example, let’s say you own a software company. First of all, when we consider the size of the market, you can guess that it may be difficult to stand out. But besides that, although you do not need a physical space, because you will be doing everything with computers, there will still be situations where you need to meet with your customers. If you were the customer who needed software service in this scenario, your priority would be to meet your software developer. For this, you would like to be in the same city. When all organizational activities in Turkey are examined, it is obvious that their concentration is in Istanbul. In other words, being a software developer whose company is located in Istanbul will give you an advantage in customer acquisition.


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As it is known, keeping an office in Istanbul can be quite expensive. Especially if you do not need the use of physical space, this will unfortunately be a coin tossed into the air. However, when you become a virtual office member, your legal address may not only be Istanbul, but also the most prestigious and busy areas of Istanbul. In other words, as a virtual office member, you will not only meet your legal address needs during company establishment, but also gain an advantage both in the eyes of your customers and in financial planning while running your business.

To continue our story, let’s say you have a virtual office membership in one of the most prestigious areas of Istanbul, so your client has chosen you to work with and wants to meet with you. Another advantage of being a virtual office member is that you can benefit from the meeting packages of the co-working company you choose. For example, if you are a virtual office member at Archerson and your customer wants to hold a meeting with you, you can hold meetings at a historical mansion in Archerson Kadıköy, or at Archerson Acarkent in beautiful forest with luxury space. Let’s say you are in Kadıköy as a virtual office member, but your customer wants to meet with you on the European Side. All you have to do is to enjoy the ferry after a short phone call with our representative.


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When you become a virtual office member at Archerson, you will not only have the most advantageous virtual office prices in Istanbul, but you will also be able to make the most strategic decisions for your business.

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